Playing the guitar seems to be something of a growing trend. Whilst many people seek to learn by personal lessons, most find that this can be very expensive, so turning to a guitar course can be a reasonable decision. Ben Edwards a highly respected guitar teacher. And former lead guitarist for the popular down-under band "DegreesK", who toured internationally. Ben has released Jamorama, the most complete and easy to follow guitar learning system available anywhere.

Jamorama comes jam-packed with easy-to-follow information. You get step by step video instructions that show you the secrets of how to play the guitar in great detail, taking you from total beginner into advanced guitar techniques.

A simple search online for guitar courses will return many results, some do sound interesting. Out of them all though, the original guitar course designed by Ben Edwards is still one that many people prefer to use even after quite a few years, but with playing the guitar the age of the course is irrelevant. Now Bens new course contains more information about different styles of playing etc.

You also get exclusive Jam Tracks to play and practice with. Unlike boring practicing drills with a teacher. Ben believes that it's really important to get learners playing and jamming along as soon as possible, this is more exciting, being able to play to a known song, putting what you are learning to use. Unlike other courses that use computer based music for play-along practice sessions, Ben brought some of the best professional musicians together and recorded and produced these quality Jam Tracks.

Jamorama also comes with 1,000s of lines of guitar tablature. If you didn't know it, guitar tablature (or TAB) is an internationally recognized form of writing out guitar music. Not only does he teach you how to read it, but Ben gives you thousands of lines of TAB, and empower you with the skills to be able to play virtually ANY song you can find written out in Guitar TAB. There are hundreds of thousands of songs available on the internet, and you'll be able to play any of them.

You also get unique guitar learning software bonuses. Ben worked with software designers and produced three amazing guitar software packages that not only teach you how to read traditional STAFF music, but also TRAIN YOUR EAR so that you can understand and play along with literally ANY song that you hear on CD, radio, or the internet.

Although there are plenty of other online guitar courses to choose from, there are certain things within the ones devised by Ben Edwards which sets them apart from the others. As well as the books and video lessons, Ben provides an integrated learning kit which consists of games and jamming sessions. It is these additional benefits which assist in making the whole process of practice and learning to play the guitar much more fun. Because you find yourself enjoying your practice sessions more you find that you are actually learning a lot more quickly as well.

As previously mentioned the games that Ben has included in this course make it a much more pleasurable experience for you, especially when you are only just learning how to play it. Also these games have been developed by a professional and will become invaluable to you as you skills develop further, especially when you want to improve on your key skills. It is these games and other resources within the course which can turn you into a far more competent and confident guitar player.

The one thing which makes this particular online course stand out from all the others that are available is that you can email and talk with Ben at any time for free. This is particular encouraging for a beginner as they know that they have support which is just a click of the mouse away. Although all the other courses available online are good, there are none which offer the same kind of support as this one does.

Another benefit of taking this online guitar course over the many others now available on the internet is that it is extremely easy and simple to use and understand. This is because Ben Edwards has chosen to concentrate less on the theory side of learning to play the guitar and more on the practical. But even so you will still learn about how to read guitar tabs, you just won't find yourself becoming confused and bewildered by information that you can not understand.

Out of all the online courses or books Ben Edwards Jamorama course stands out as being one of the best, with all this mentioned above it gives any beginner the knowledge to pick up any guitar classics in no time. Although time and effort is essential there is no reason you can't use this course to become an experienced guitarist.

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