For those women who dream of a bikini body to show off this summer, this might be the best time to start working on getting those six pack abs. There is a range of diet, Truth About Abs and cosmetic procedures you could adopt to reach your goal. However, it has been medically proven that a healthy diet and truth about abs regime that nourishes and strengthens your body while helping you lose weight is the safest way to a great body. There are several truth about abs that are known to target the fat in the abdominal region to tone and shape it giving you six pack abs. Before you begin on any truth about abs regime consult a medical practitioner to assess if you are the right candidate for such truth about abs. Also fix up an appointment with a dietitian to ensure that you are eating the right foods that will aid your weight loss goals as well as provide you with essential carbohydrates and minerals. One of the best truth about abs for getting six pack abs is the bicycle. It involves lying on the floor with your lower back pressed to the floor. Bend your knees and bring them up to your chest. While you go through a bicycle motion touch your elbow to the opposite leg by moving the shoulder blades. The Captain's chair is also a good way to truth about abs the abdomen. You can do a range of truth about abs on it and it is found in most health clubs and gyms. It is a great piece of equipment for getting six pack abs. The truth about abs ball crunch is also an effective truth about abs to strengthen your core. Doing crunches on the stability ball is very effective in obtaining those six pack abs you desire because it also uses the legs to work out. The vertical leg crunch is also very effective in training the abdomen and obliques and ripping out those six pack abs. Lie on the floor and raise your legs in a vertical position. Raise your head and bring it closer to the legs. Imagine your belly button touching your spine at the top of the movement. One of the best work routine for women seeking a great bikini body and six pack abs is the PX09 workout DVD. There are several workout videos and free tips available on DVD and on the internet. But the PX09 has proven to be effective and delivers on its promise of helping you get six pack abs. You can learn more about PX09 work out and read PX09 reviews by successful users by clicking on the links here.

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