Is your computer slow in performance? Do you want your computer to be in top shape and to be fast in every process? Well then you need to know how to increase computer speed. Increasing you computer's speed comes in two ways: the expensive and the cheaper way. Nevertheless, either way will make your system
function faster than usual. Here are some tips to increase computer speed regardless if it is cheap or expensive:

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Tip # 1: Use a cleaner

How to increase computer speed by using a cleaner? Well a cleaner can analyze your reg cure and remove unwanted information that can slow down your computer's performance. This tip here is cheaper because you can download reg cure cleaners
from the Internet for free, but I can't assure you that your computer will be a lot faster than usual though. It might affect the speed a little, but hey, it's worth the try.

Tip # 2: Uninstall unused programs

Most of us have unnecessary programs in our computers, right? So you're probably asking "How to increase computer speed by uninstalling unused programs?". Well, it's obvious, having many programs especially those with high specifications requires a lot of free space in the memory. So when you uninstall programs, that means you'll have more free space in your computer which means the speed of your system will become faster.

Tip # 3: Defragmentation

How to increase computer speed by defragmentation? The disk defragmenter
in your system analyzes local volumes and consolidates fragmented files and folders so that each will occupy a single space in the volume. When you save files in your computer, those files are stored in the disk or in the memory. But these files are not arranged though, they're quickly stored in the disk as if unarranged. defragmenting the disk means you "arrange" the files on the disk to occupy a space so that there will be more free space for other files in the future. This means, more free space, faster system.

Tip # 4: Buy or upgrade your hardware

How to increase computer speed with this tip here? It's expensive to purchase or upgrade your hardware but it is the most effective way ever. Having components such as Disk drives, RAM and Video Cards with high memory can really make a change on your computer's speed.

Increasing the speed of your computer is very easy if you are ready to spend some bucks for hardwares. But if you want to stick to the cheaper way, then there are more ways aside from what's listed above on how to increase computer speed. It's your strategy and decision, what matters most is that in the end your computer is performing better than usual. Good luck!

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