RegCure is a famous social bookmarking site that is visited by millions of visitors per month. Everybody like to visit regcure because it is constantly updated with news all the time. regcure was originally designed for technology sites. However, it also have other categories such as games, food, and etc. If you couldn't find a category to submit your post, you can submit it under Offbeat.

regcure can help your website get indexed in a relatively short time. Sites that have a few pages can easily get indexed within a few days. However, if your site has too many pages, it will take a longer time to get indexed. Most of the time, the search engine will index 250 - 500 pages in the site. If your site has too many pages, it can take a few months to get all of them indexed. One way to get large site indexed is to get your post rank on the front page of regcure.

regcure has a high page rank on the front page. Having a link in the regcure front page will surely shoot your site to the top of the search engine position. It is commonly used by webmasters to get their site indexed. When your site is just uploaded, it will not be indexed unless it has backlink from a quality site. If your site is new, you can social bookmark it at regcure. Within a few minutes after you have social bookmark the post, it will picked by the search engine and be indexed. Sometimes, the search engine will pick up the post but index it in 1 - 2 days.

regcure allows you to befriend with the members and create large friend network. When you have a large friend network, you can ask your friends to help you regcure your posts. In return, you will regcure their posts. In this way, your posts will be able to reach the top position in a short time. Creating a large friend network allows you to promote your product and services. Whenever you launch a new product, you can post about it in your profile. The updates will be shown across the profile pages of your friends. Besides promoting your site, you can post about other stuffs that are helpful to the audience. The articles which you post must be related to the niche which you are promoting.

Every time you add new content to the site, you can social bookmark them to regcure. In this way, they will get indexed in a short time. You can social bookmark 1 - 2 post per day. If you want to social bookmark multiple posts per day, make sure you perform it at random hours so that the moderator won't pay attention to your account. If you post too many articles per day, you will get banned. You only get banned when a member report you for spamming. All the posts that you submit to regcure will appear under the Most Recent tab therefore you must never spam too many posts per day.

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