In case you are looking to find a mysterious phone number which keeps popping on the screen of your cell phone then the most obvious choice in your hand is to try and seek its true identity by calling up the concerned phone directories. By calling up the public directories, you can easily hope to find the name as well as the contact address of your mysterious caller. In case you are getting calls from a landline number then using public directories would prove to be the most suitable option for you. But when the calls are coming from a mobile phone number, you need to be very careful because owing to privacy reasons, cell phone numbers are not listed in public directories. Henceforth, if the number that you are about to trace is a cell phone number then you would never be able to reveal its true identity by calling up public directories. The reason is simply the lack of records maintained by public directories pertaining to numbers that are allocated to cellular phones. Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup - Reverse Cell Phone Number Look up & Reverse Tele phone Number Look up Search
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The first thing you should try when you want to find out who a phone number is registered to is enter the number into Google and see what turns up. If it is a telemarketing company or from a business with a web presence, you should be able to tell right away who made the call. Using Google works pretty well with 1-800 numbers but personal phone numbers may be another story. To do a reverse phone lookup for a personal number you can try a free online phone lookup service. If the number calling you is a landline and listed in a local phone directory then chances are very good you will be able to find out the name and the address of the caller. If the number is unpublished or is a cell phone number, you will need to use a paid database.

This same service is now offered online and providers report a huge increase of those already using the paid service, guest users, and new subscribers coming on board. Some online sites claim a growth of close to one hundred percent over the previous year.

Because of the increase of pre-paid phone numbers- which do not require personal information for registration - it is possible you can't get any information. The trick is to check the number for free first then, if the owner is listed, you can decide whether to pay or not. You can check both cell phone and landlines on the same service. It is harder to get results for a cell number than a land line.

Reverse phone search service is one of the latest trends of the Internet technology. Through this online directory you can search for the details of any cell phone user conveniently from your own home. Isn't it amazing? You will get to know the full name, residential address, criminal records if any, and lots more personal details of any phone number within just a few minutes.

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A lot of folks may worry about their partner's fidelity. They can use a reverse phone lookup to determine if their husband or wife is being unfaithful. If they notice the same exact contact number listed on their partner's cell phone, they can discover who the person who continues calling is.

The main advantages of using such reverse phone lookup services is the fact that you can also run personal background checks and investigations to people you want to personally keep an eye with. These phone numbers and other personal records are all kept by different phone companies.

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